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17.03.23 All media
Buchan takes flight at Vivid Sydney 2023 with Aloft

Buchan is proud to be a part of Vivid Sydney 2023.

Taking inspiration from the ribbons of wood wrapped around The Exchange, and the classic neon lights of Chinatown, ‘Aloft’ blends traditional frame by frame animation with modern LED to bring birds to ‘the bird’s nest’, as it is affectionately referred to by locals.

The dynamic installation features a sequence of birds making their way across the building façade as they take flight each evening as part of Vivid Sydney, 26 May-17 June 2023.

For more than a decade Buchan has been a part of Vivid Sydney, creating engaging and memorable experiences for millions of visitors through a myriad of light, projection, shadow play, and motion technologies.

Buchan’s experiential design team is working alongside Precision Engineering & Manufacturing to bring the design to life.

Visit Aloft at The Exchange, Darling Square during Vivid Sydney 2023.