Wet’N'Wild Sydney

Prospect, NSW
Village Roadshow

Show Description

Sydney’s $130M Wet’n’Wild water playground showcases some of the tallest and fastest rides and slides in the world.

Developed by Village Roadshow on a 25 ha site in Prospect, Wet‘n’Wild is the largest water theme park in the Southern Hemisphere and has more than 40 slides and attractions.  Since its opening, it has  out-performed similar parks on the Gold Coast, Hawaii and Las Vegas. 

The project features the world’s largest man-made beach.  Among the challenges overcome by the design team were issues of durability, maintenance and safety, as well as efficient use of water. An existing Master Plan by WTI in the USA was developed, and we also designed and documented all the buildings, including the iconic entry, restaurant facilities, amenities and administration.

Buchan’s team for Wet’n’Wild was led by Senior Associate Alan Polden, with Senior Associate Steve Jarvis.

Wet’N'Wild Sydney

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