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20.10.21 All media
Reimagined City Cross to transform South Australian streetscape

Adelaide’s City Cross is set to undergo a $25 million transformation through a visionary redesign led by global architecture, interior, masterplanning and brand-experience studio, Buchan.

Situated in the heart of the Adelaide CBD, linking Grenfell Street and Rundle Mall, the rejuvenated City Cross was given its name based on its location as a crossing point between ‘retail’ and ‘commercial’ in the CBD – ‘CX’.

The Buchan design team drew upon extensive knowledge of lifestyle and dining precincts to carve out a unique space for City Cross in the market. Early engagement and an open dialogue with client, Revelop, enabled the team to collaboratively deliver on the transformation of a prime asset and an elevated dining and retail experience for the people of Adelaide.

“Design is not only about creating beautiful buildings; it is about creating engaging spaces and designing places people are drawn to,” said Buchan Principal, Paul Harrison. “More than just transforming the appearance of City Cross, by thinking about the users – the city workers, the families, the weekenders – we designed a space to meet their needs, and to offer them a memorable experience at the centre of Rundle Mall.”

The architectural vision for the project was to create a destination that was timeless and reflective of its environment.

The new City Cross will be virtually unrecognisable from the existing linkage that locals have come to know. A series of soaring brick arches will replace the existing facade, transforming the streetscape and changing not only how visitors experience the centre but how they engage with the precinct.

The completely modernised interior will boast open plan design, creating a more natural flow through the space and showcase a material selection carefully curated from a wide palette that characterises the City of Adelaide.

Terrazzo, natural brickwork, and white oak timber will deliver a refined look that is both modern and timeless. The custom arbours are unique feature that will define the look and feel of the revitalised centre. Lush greenery throughout will add a natural softness, to create a space that is engaging and welcoming.

The refurbishment and repositioning of City Cross takes design to a new level in a way that balances the expectations of existing retailers and visitors but also welcomes a new sophisticated clientele.

The project has been submitted for DA Approval with construction scheduled to commence in 2022.

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